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About the Business

“Rainbow Smoke Shop is a most convenient and friendly one stop shop in Warren town for all your smoking and tobacco needs. We have a variety of range in glass products like Beaker Bong, Hand Pipes, Dab Rigs, Bubblers and One Hitters to complete your glass collection. We also have a good range of Bowl Pieces, Bangers and other smoking necessary tools. You’ll also find a pretty amazing line of wraps rolling papers and rolling accessories from well- known brands such as RAW, OCB, Blazy Susan, Zig Zag and elements. From vaporizer for concentrates and dry herb, batteries for carts pod system for your pods we got you! Cigarettes to cigars! Kratom Pills, Powders and Shots, Delta 8 Delta 10 and varieties of carts and disposable to choose from.”



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