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About the Business

We are the #1 hookah supplier in Boise. We carry a wide selection of hookah products, including tobacco, charcoal, hookahs, and hookah accessories. We also carry a large selection of other smoking accessories. We welcome you to visit our store and see for yourself the big brands of hookah and its accessories at reasonable prices.


Established in 2011.

We are wholesale store, so we do sell elfbar vape to other vape store, we are the best price of elf bar, we are dealing with our customer and sell vape for $14 which is the best price of elfbar vapes in Boise New Mediterranean Grocery serving the best in all Mediterranean grocery and Mediterranean drinks to all of the Treasure Valley. Also have the best in hookah equipment straight from overseas to enhance Hookah House: is the unique hookah and shisha store IDAHO, so you can buy Hookah Tobacco, Charcoal, Hookahs and hookah accessories. We carry a wide selection of hookah products We welcome you to come to visit our location and see for yourself the big brands of hookah and its accessories with reasonable prices hookah supplier Boise shisha charcoal tobacco vape puff molasses starbuzz alfakher mint Gum Charcoal arabic halal market disposable vapes elfbar al fakher code69 khalail mammoon hookah water pipe pong glass pipe elfbar elf bar sale hookah near me Geek bar raz vape e juice

Meet the Business Owner

Hookah H.
Business Owner

We selling hookah tobacco, charcoals and hookahsWhat is Halal?

to Islamic jurisprudence. Zabiha, also an Arabic word, refers to the method of Islamic slaughter which is most humane to the animal. According to zabiha principles, animals are slaughtered by a clean cut to the jugular vein with respect and compassion to the animal. The blood is then drained thoroughly from the animal, assuring the highest standard of cleanliness and purity resulting in a higher standard of quality for the consumer. Not only do Muslims seek out halal meat for their dietary needs, but people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds look for the halal label on meats to be assured of healthy, high-quality foods.
Why halal is a better option?

Halal foods are that which is permissible for Muslims to consume. Not only are the animals treated with kindness, compassion and re



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