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Delaware Vapor is the first state’s first vape shop. Our doors opened in early 2014 after having operated as a successful and trusted online e liquid manufacturer since 2012. Our beautiful Newark location features the largest full service tasting bar in the state with a selection of craft sodas for your refreshment. We offer an extensive selection of quality hardware and eliquid that we have hand picked for reliability and ease of use. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff do not work on commission so that all of our customers can enjoy a stress free shopping experience and walk away with products tailored to suit their needs instead of ours. We are passionate about vaping and are dedicated to helping our customers stay away from cigarettes.


Established in 2012.

Delaware Vapor was started in 2012 during vaping’s infancy. Our founder had tried every stop-smoking aid on the market with no success when he bought his first electronic cigarette. While these products seemed to work better for him than anything else he had tried, he found himself frustrated by unreliable hardware, hard to get parts and the lack of support that comes with buying online. The worst part was that he couldn’t find a flavor that he liked enough to use all day long so he decided to learn how to produce his own liquids. By this time the vaping community was growing by leaps and bounds and our founder became evolved with several communities online and started going to small trade shows and meeting other passionate vapers. Juices were traded and passed around in these circles and demand for our liquid grew to the point that our founder was able to leave his job and start Delaware Vapor.

Meet the Business Owner


Andrew W.
Business Owner

Andrew is well known among “old-school” vapers. He hosted a program on VapeTV out of his home and chatted online using Delaware Vapor as an internet handle when vaping was in its infancy. Equipment was inefficient and hard to find causing a tightly knit community of vapers who supported each other to come together. When he turned his username into a company he gained a reputation for honesty, generosity and amazing eliquid. Traveling to conventions and building connections Andrew had a front row seat to see vaping turn into a phenomenon. Our first actual shop was a realization of Andrews dream to provide and safe place for smokers to have their questions answered and buy high quality hardware and eliquid. He wanted to build a place where people who wanted to quit smoking could do so without the hassles and frustration that he went through when he started. If you ask our customers he has succeeded.



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