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About the Business

Premium Cigars Sheesha/Hookah Tobacco Products Vapor/Vape Mods Salt Nicotine, E-liquid Vape Juice Disposable Vape Puff Bar R and M Rolling Papers, Wraps and Trays Glass Pipes/ Water Pipes, Dab Accessories Electronic vaporisers, Nectar Collector Scales, Grinders Rolling Trays LED Trays Apparel hoodies beanies body bags Cigarettes Pipe Tobacco Tubes Cleansers Detox Torches Lighters Natural Energy Supplements Male Enhancement Natural Supplements Honey Rhino

Meet the Manager

Asad A.

I am the type of customer service manager that always puts himself in the shoes of the customer. I expect to be treated fairly, given time and attention and have my concerns addressed and get helped pick the best product for my money, and this is exactly how I treat my customers. Going on 25 years of experience in business management, I will make sure I share all my knowledge and expertise to help you get the most perfect product for the money, while providing a pleasant, enjoyable and friendly shopping environment. I look forward to seeing you friends 🙂



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